Welcome to Dye's Piano Service, the experts since 2007 in piano tuning, repairs, regulation and voicing, climate control installation, evaluations and appraisals to homes, concert halls, churches, schools, and others in Frederick, MD, Washington, D.C., Baltimore, MD, Northern Virginia, Eastern Panhandle of West Virginia and other surrounding areas.

Dye's Piano Service is dedicated to quality professional service of your piano. Your piano is an investment in the enjoyment and study of music in your home, church, school, or concert hall. To fully enjoy your investment for years to come Dye's Piano Service will gladly keep your piano sounding its best. We have been servicing pianos in the Washington DC metro area and Mid-Maryland since 2007.

We give prompt, professional service at competitive prices with outstanding quality. 

Here are some of the full service items we provide:
Regular Tuning:  If your piano has been tuned regularly and the pitch of your piano has not changed more than 10 percent sharp or flat, it may only need a fine tuning. This will bring all strings into pitch for a thorough and precise tuning using A440 as a reference note. This also includes an overall inspection of the piano and bench as part of the piano tuning in Frederick MD that we provide. ~ $165  ($150 +  additional $15 for extra labor and cleaning materials needed during this time)

Pitch Raise or "Chip Tuning": If your piano has not been tuned for a long time and is 10 percent or more flat or sharp, the strings will need to be brought close to pitch before the piano can hold a fine tuning. Raising or lowing the pitch requires the technician to make one pass (or more) extra. I charge extra because this takes extra time and care to assure that your piano is well serviced. With regular tuning and consistent climate, a Pitch Raise will not be needed. It is my hope that you are happy with the results of my work and will continue to count on me for future service. For more information about pitch raising and why your piano goes flat over time please visit this link about piano care

($60 for each Pitch Raise + $165 for Fine Tuning, Cleaning and Inspection) ~ $225

Voicing, Regulating, and Repairs: If your hammers don't have an even or pleasing sound, they may need to be reshaped and/or voiced so that the felt gives a nice sound. If your keys feel uneven, have a lack of response on soft passages or don't even play, you may need your action to be regulated or repaired. Any regulating, hammer shaping, voicing or other piano repairs in the Washington DC area can be inspected and priced for each individual job. ~ Price will vary

Payment Options: We accept personal checks, Visa, Master Card, and Discovery as well as cash. You can also send payment through Pay Pal. Enter my e-mail address (ddye@dyespianotuning.com) and the total amount of the services and/or merchandise. Payment is due at the time of service.

*If you live more than 20 miles away from my location,  I will be happy to service your piano. However, there is an additional $15 charge for the extra travel time and gas.

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